First Annual Flint Life Artifact Show Coming to Thomasville

The first annual Flint Life Artifact Show is coming to historic Thomasville, Georgia, Saturday April 20, 2019. 

The show will be held at the conference center at Southern Regional Technical College on US Highway 19 and will feature thousands of authentic Indian artifacts on display along with display cases, flint life gear and more! The venue is set up perfectly for a family to enjoy a unique atmosphere and time well spent. Outdoor lovers and rock hunters alike will find plenty to do and see while perusing the collections of artifact lovers from around the southeast. 

If you’re looking for display cases or identification guides, you’re in luck. This show is the perfect chance to find plenty of both. Those searching for artifact identification and appraisal will find experts in the field, eager to help. And for the arrowhead lover that is looking for gear, the Flint Life brand will be set up with our popular t shirts, hats and hoodies. 

A fun day for all ages featuring plenty of eye popping ancient tools used by our Native American ancestors. 

Check out our popular Flint Life clothing line here. 

Dustin Dowdy