Flint Life Launches New Edition T Shirts

The Flint Life Brand recently announced the latest edition of their popular t shirts featuring the famous “Tomberlin Clay”.

The newest design carries over the familiar pattern seen on the previous shirts with the new point type centered between parchment text on the front and prominently featured in an oversized version of the point on the back.

The Tomberlin Clay was rescued from the Flint River Basin near Notchaway Creek decades ago. When the nearly 5″ point was found it was almost completely black – that is until it’s rescuer used a toothbrush and dawn dish soap to clean off the years of grime to discover one of the most beautiful examples ever seen. The honey colored flint was somehow perfectly preserved, surviving floods and droughts alike. The fact that the artifact is so pristine isn’t lost on anyone who loves arrowheads – it’s G-10 quality craftsmanship is second to none. It is also noted for it’s extreme thinness to width ratio – known as one of the finest examples in the country.

The “Tomberlin Clay” edition of the Flint Life t shirts is available for pre-order here.

Dustin Dowdy