BIG Alligator Removed from Bainbridge Yard

We’ve got plenty of alligators in southwest Georgia.  Just take a ride on the Flint River or across Lake Seminole and you’ll see your fair share of prehistoric reptiles in the water and on the bank.  But the alligator sightings are usually reserved for the major bodies of water in our community – not typically in town.

Summer Day and her kids were in their home off of College Road in Bainbridge Wednesday morning (coincidentally learning about dinosaurs) when they glanced outside and saw a massive alligator in the front yard.  Although their home is near a wet area just off of Twin Lakes, it’s safe to say that alligator sightings in the yard are rare.  Even more surprising was the SIZE of the giant lizard – 10 feet, 8 inches.  That’s right – nearly 11 feet long. Summer called 911 and Bainbridge Public Safety along with the Bainbridge Code Enforcement Officers were soon on the scene.  Local law enforcement, along with the Georgia DNR safely relocated the gator.

“I will never be the same, and my children are never going outside again, but they thought it was pretty cool that they got to eat their breakfast with a ‘dinosaur!” — Summer Day

This isn’t the first LARGE alligator spotted in developed areas of southwest Georgia lately.  WALB reported that Worth County Firefighters removed a large alligator from a highway last week.  That alligator also measured longer than 10 feet.