Flint Life Launches New Edition T Shirts

The Flint Life Brand recently announced the latest edition of their popular t shirts featuring the famous “Tomberlin Clay”. The newest design carries over the familiar pattern seen on the previous shirts with the new point type centered between parchment text on the front and prominently featured in an oversized version of the point on […]

Hunting: A Pastime as Old as Man

It’s a cold and crisp December morning in south Georgia as the hunter’s eyes slowly, but skillfully scan the hardwood bottom searching for movement.  The white oaks have been dropping their wide leaves and heavy nuts for several weeks now and the deer have found an abundant food supply close to their bedding cover.  While […]

Ancient Hunters and Lost Weapons

Finding an arrowhead is a cool experience.  Picking it up and thinking that you may be the first person to touch it in thousands of years is a surreal feeling.  If you’re like me, you wonder how it got there – these things required lots of hard work to make – they didn’t just go […]