The Bainbridge Show was a Blast!

The 2019 edition of the Best of the Best Deep South Super Show in beautiful Bainbridge, Georgia was a resounding success.

Collectors from around the southeast converged on the Kirbo Center at ABAC at Bainbridge and showed out this past Saturday. The show featured more than 150 tables of authentic and privately owned collections of Indian Artifacts, but the biggest hit wasn’t exactly human. A complete fossilized skeleton of a juvenile Mastodon, thought to be more than 12,000 years old was on full display and wowed spectators young and old. The mastodon, recovered from a peat bog in Illinois, was a focal point for every visitor that walked through the door, with kids and adults posing to have their picture taken with the prehistoric creature.

The impressive display of artifacts, ranging in age from a few hundred to a few thousand years old, filled up nearly half of the 26,000 square foot facility. The impressive crowd of visitors coupled with the equally impressive list of collectors made for a busy day in Decatur County, as thousands of people from at least 8 states made their way to southwest Georgia.

The latest edition of the Flint Life wearables were a hit as well. By the end of the day, the Flint Life inventory was nearly depleted. The Bainbridge show was the debut for the all new Flint Life hats and they didn’t last long. And the “Clay” shirts and hoodies were largely sold out shortly after noon.

For those that missed a great show, the fun continues at the 1st Annual Flint Life Artifact Show in Thomasville, Georgia on Saturday, April 20th. This show will be held at the Southern Regional Technical College Conference Center, just off of Highway 19 in Thomasville. In addition to a building full of incredible artifacts, visitors can bring their kids to the Flint Life Easter Egg Hunt where the little ones will be able to hunt plastic eggs with arrowheads inside! It’s going to be a fun day for all ages. Those interested in reserving tables can contact Dustin Dowdy at 229-416-6259.